The beginnings...

   Anne and Alain Griaud took a leap of faith in 1992 when they purchased the property.

   The 4.8 hectares vineyard was named Château KALIAN after their two children Katell and Kilian.


   The first extension took place in 1998 with the purchase of a one hectare parcel in the L'Envège area, thus diversifying the terroir.



... Recently

   In 2007, Kilian was promoted to Winemaker and General manager of Château KALIAN. At the same time the vineyard grew to its current size of 10.5 hectares.


   In 2008, KALIAN made the decision to seek organic certification.


   The main goal at KALIAN is to produce wine with modern equipment, using grapes of the highest quality while still respecting the environnment.






Château KALIAN


24240 Monbazillac


+33 (0)5 53 24 98 34