White varieties

   The three white varieties grown at KALIAN are Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. They account for 9 hectares.

   The average age of the white vines is 45 years old.




   Sémillon represents about 73% of the white varieties at KALIAN.

For this variety, yields must be carefully moderated by pruning, high-density planting and no irrigation. It expresses itself best in two terroirs: clay-limestone soil (Monbazillac) and gravely-clay soil (Sauternes). Its tough skin gives it good resistance to Botrytis cinerea, ensuring a correct development of noble rot. 

   The aromas depend on the type of soil: lemon and white peach in limestone and fresh apricot and orange in gravel. Moreover as the noble rot develops, Sémillon exhibits aromas of dried apricot, candied fruit and tropical fruit.

   It's truly THE indispensable variety for the production of great sweet wine.

   Sauvignon Blanc represents nearly 16% of the white varieties at KALIAN. It is used both in the Monbazillac (sweet wine) winemaking but also in the Bergerac Sec winemaking (still dry white).

   Known worldwide for its original aromas, sometimes "green" (broom, boxwood, blackcurrant bud), sometimes "tropical" or "smoky", Sauvignon Blanc brings some freshness to KALIAN's Monbazillac. The estate even produces a special cuv2ée called "Variation Sauvignon" (in very limited quantity) whose blend is made from more than 80% Sauvignon Blanc.

   KALIAN's Bergerac Sec is also produced with a majority of Sauvignon Blanc.


   Muscadelle is a variety with great aromatic finesse. It can bring much complexity to the final blend. However it has been abandoned by many producers (it is usually used at barely 3% in Monbazillac) because of its susceptibility to diseases. Likewise without careful attention from the winegrower, Muscadelle will only correctly develop noble rot every third or fourth year.

   At KALIAN we have particular affection for this variety that we work hard to grow every year. It represents almost  10% of the white varieties at KALIAN. Since 2011, during exceptional years when this variety gives some of the best "rotten" grapes with Botrytis cinerea, KALIAN produces a special cuvée called "Variation Muscadelle" (in very limited quantity) whose blend is made from more than 80% Muscadelle.

Chenin Blanc
Chenin Blanc


  Finally, Chenin Blanc represents 1% of the white varieties at KALIAN. It was planted for the first time there in 2019.









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