The secret of KALIAN’s wines can be summed-up in one word: balance.

   We seek the same objective for our Bergerac Rouge and our Monbazillac: growing the ripest and cleanest fruit possible.
Viticulture at KALIAN is based in completing many tasks by hand and in making technical decisions to obtain optimal quality.


   A healthy vineyard is maintained through accomplishing many tasks by hand during the growing season such as bud removal, suckering and leaf-pulling.

   In order to respect the structure and biological balance of the soil as much as possible, fertilizer regimens are specific to each parcel. In addition the rows may either be cultivated or simply mowed.

   For our Bergerac Rouge, we keep our yields at between 35 and 40 hectoliters per hectare. For our Monbazillac, our yields are between 15 and 20 hectoliters per hectare.

   We also preserve our beneficial fauna by caring for the banks, the hedges and the fields around KALIAN’s vineyards in order to naturally control pests.


   Constant care yields grapes of excellent quality. They are produced with methods that respect the environment and the unique ecosystem necessary for Botrytis cinerea.








Château KALIAN


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