KALIAN's Bergerac Blanc Sec fermented & aged in oak: "du TEMPS au TEMPS"



   This Bergerac Sec is produced in limited amount. It is a blend made mainly from Sauvignon Blanc but also from Muscadelle and / or Sémillon Blanc.


   The different batches used to make this blend are all entirely fermented and aged in French oak barrels. "Bâtonnage" of the fine lees (mixing of the fine lees) occurs during the end of the alcoholic fermentation and for about 3 more months after. Aging in French oak barrels lasts for about 10 months.


   Bottling takes place in September of the year following the harvest.

   The final dose of sulphites is generally quite low, around or less than 60 mg/l (60ppm).

 Vintage available for sale:

* 2019 - Fermented & aged in French oak barrels - AB






Château KALIAN


24240 Monbazillac


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