KALIAN's No Sulfites Added Bergerac Rouge: "JUSTE à TEMPS"



   Production of this wine is about 2000 bottles every year (167 cases).


   This NSA wine (No Sulfites Added) is usually a blend of Merlot (around 60%) and Cabernet Franc (around 40%). It is fermented and aged entirely in stainless steel vats (with temperature control).

   Bottling happens soon after the end of the fermentations and aging lasts only for a couple of months. Bottling is usually done around March of the year following the harvest (4 months aging in stainless steel). A little bit of CO2 or carbon dioxyde (made during the alcoholic fermentation) is always kept in order to preserve the wine longer in bottles.


   The total sulfites content of this wine is always under 10 mg/l (or 10ppm). These sulfites are not added, they are naturally produced by the yeasts during the alcoholic fermentation (a sulfite free wine does not exist).




Vintages available for sale:

* 2020 "Juste à temps" - Vin sans sulfites ajoutés - AB







Château KALIAN


24240 Monbazillac


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