At KALIAN we have a 25 hl horizontal bladder press allowing us to press the grapes from individial parcels as they are harvested.

   The grapes are cluster pressed to make Monbazillac wines.


   By slowly increasing the pressure we are able to gently extract the most concentrated and sweetest press fractions.


   Pressing is a delicate process:

   In the beginning, for an hour, we use low pressure (0.2 bar) to extract the first juice - the least rich.

   This first phase is followed by a gradual increase in pressure (up to 2 bar for 2 hours) which extracts richer and richer juice.

   For the final hour the pressure remains at 2 bar to extract the very richest juice.






Château KALIAN


24240 Monbazillac


+33 (0)5 53 24 98 34

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